Vendor FAQs

Happy Hours™ is an online local-search platform where users can search for promotional offers on food, drinks, fashion, entertainment and others, around them. Happy Hours™ can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and Apple iOS. Happy Hours™ app provides you with major discounts that the users can avail across the entire city based on user’s GRS location. Profiles of the listed businesses can be viewed to see their offers and customer reviews.

With its huge customer base across India, Happy Hours™ helps you promote your business, products and services with just one click. You have a promotional offer to post? With Happy Hours you can post it to your profile and it immediately reaches the wide range of Happy Hours™ registered users, who can become your regular customers. Moreover, registering to happy hours is completely FREE.

Yes, you can. When you register as a vendor, your active vendor account allows you to add your multiple businesses such as restaurants, bars, etc. on the Happy Hours™ platform. We will be delighted to serve you the best and help your businesses reach maximum number of customers.

Yes, you can put your business in multiple categories to reach the maximum user base provided that they are validated within their respective categories.

Your business listing(s) will remain active for at least first six months from the date of posting. Happy Hours™ is giving a free listing platform to all businesses. After the period of six months, you as a Vendor will be given an option to buy an annual subscription which comes with a nominal fee for the entire year. For more details on yearly subscription fees, kindly get in touch with our Marketing team or write to us at

Yes, you can change the listing text as well as the images anytime as per your convenience. Changes can also be based upon your offer/promotions as part of your marketing plan to attract the maximum number of customers to visit your page on the Happy Hours™ App. Please make sure that the advertising text/images should be original and should not contain any offensive language. In case of fake or offensive content, your business listing will get blocked for at least for six months on the Happy Hours App.
You can highlight or customize your business listing to enhance its presence among other listing items. It will attract users to click on your listing and visit your restaurant/venue. To highlight or customize your ad, you need to be a paid subscriber. To customize your ads on the Happy Hours™ App you will be required to pay an additional fee. For more details kindly get in touch with our Marketing team or write to us at

All free listing advertisements have the limitation to upload a maximum of five pictures per vendor. If you wish to add more pictures along with videos, you have to be a member of Happy Hours™ Annual Subscription program. For more details kindly get in touch with our Marketing team or write to us at

You can upload a video ad or a presentation to enhance your presence and attract more customers. You need to be a paid subscriber of Happy Hours™ annual subscription program to use this feature. For more details kindly get in touch with our Marketing team or write to us at
You can customize the look and feel of your business’s profile by changing the color combination as per your requirement. This feature is available only for Happy Hours™ paid subscribers with additional customization fees. This fee also includes the assistance with the design options for your profile based on your requirements. For more details, you can visit the Happy Hours™ website at and check additional benefits of the Annual Subscription program.

Happy Hours™ provide Users Tracking feature to all paid subscribers. By using this tool, you can track and find the users that have visited your business listing.

The regular listing is a textual advertisement with maximum two lines. Whereas you can promote your business more promptly and effectively by using Paid Banner Advertisement. The graphical banner advertisement comes in 3 different sizes and video banner advertisement comes in a single size. You also have an option of 2 different video duration. The graphical banners or video advertisements are always catchy and it grabs users’ attention right on the Happy Hours™ App dashboard. These advertisements let your business attract maximum user clicks which diverts maximum customers to it.

Happy Hours™ is powered by a wide database of users, ranging from different types of user groups as per your business needs. Happy Hours™ can promote your business to target specific customers with just a click.
Yes, you can share your business listing on popular social networking and social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
You can send the business termination request to the Happy Hours™ team. You can also visit and check Delete Store Account details, you will be asked to follow some steps and answer the security questions. Also, once your information is deleted, you cannot retrieve any data related to it.
You can send a vendor account termination request to the Happy Hours™ team. You can visit and check Delete Vendor Account details. Follow the steps and answer the security questions. Also, once your vendor account is deleted, it will delete all the restaurants listed under the same vendor account and the data related to it.
Your business account could be locked due to a breach of the Happy Hours™ Terms & Conditions or failure to comply with the Happy Hours™ Business Code of Conduct. For more information please visit for our Terms & Conditions and Business Code of Conduct.
Your business account could be suspended due to illegal and/or unauthorized material posted by you as a vendor. To unlock such accounts, you should write to the Happy Hours™ Team at The Happy Hours™ team will contact you within 2 working days to help you to unlock your suspended business account.